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Around the Village 1

A climb up Knowles Hill to “puff you out”, and a visit to the Jubilee Orchard, a site (sight) not to be missed.  This walk is about 2.5 miles (4 km) long.

Begin your walk at the Lychgate at the entrance to Rolleston Church.

  1. Walk up the steps or use the slope towards the main door of the Church, here turn right and head through the graveyard towards the Old School rooms. On reaching this building turn left and walk alongside the building to exit the churchyard through a metal gate on your right. 
  2. You are now on the Croft which is the Village Green. Walk diagonally right across the Croft. You cross a track which leads to nearby houses. Continue in a straight line towards a bridge which crosses the Alderbrook which flows through the village.
  3. Cross the bridge (you might be lucky and see a kingfisher here). Exit onto Burnside. Cross the road and turn right to walk along the pavement. Cross over Elizabeth Avenue and pass Starbuck’s News and the Co-op.  Follow the path going left up Knowles Hill.
  4. Proceed up Knowles Hill to the top. In spring daffodils abound on the right hand side. On reaching the junction with Beacon Road look for the Jubilee Orchard across the road. It is well worth spending some time here at any time of the year.
  5. Cross the road from the Orchard and walk down  Beacon Road on the pavement. Follow the road to the bottom then turn left into School Lane. Pass Barker’s butchers on your left and then turn right down a narrow unnamed lane. You reach a T junction. Cross the road and almost opposite is a short lane. Take this, in the direction of a ford.
  6. Cross the ford by the bridge. You are now on the raised footpath above a grassy bank on Brookside. When the grass bank ends, turn right onto a waymarked track (footpath)
  7. Go through a gate into a field and keeping to the left hand side of the field walk to another gate.
  8. Turn half right and follow the clear path through the field towards Marston Lane. Go through the gate onto Marston Lane and turn left. Walk down the lane and on the left hand bend turn right into the Rolleston Caravan Park (footpath 2).  Walk straight through the park towards a stile. Go over the stile into a field.
  9. Cross the field keeping in the same direction. You reach a stile. Go over the stile onto a bend in a track (footpath 3). Turn left and walk down the track through a squeezer to reach Shotwood Close.  Continue in the same direction to reach Church Road.  Turn left here and follow the pavement back to the Church.