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Around the Village 2

A Recreation Ground, new build houses, and a walk down Station Road. This walk is about 2.5 miles (4 km) in length, and has no stiles for those of us who are finding flexibility more challenging.

Begin your walk at the Lychgate at the entrance to Rolleston Church.

  1. Cross the road and turn right on the pavement. Follow the pavement as it bends left into Brookside. Walk along the left hand side of Brookside until you reach Puddleduck Cottage.  Here go over a footbridge on the right and then follow the road to exit onto Station Road. Cross over the road to enter Chapel Lane. Walk on the right hand side of the road passing John of Rolleston Primary School. After passing Barker’s Butchers you come to a T junction, turn right and in 22 yards (20 m) you will see a gate on your left marked “public footpath Craythorne Road” ( footpath 14). Follow this path, first through a shaded area and then into a field until you reach a gate.
  2. Go through the gate and where the path splits into two take the left hand path. Follow this path through a wooded area, then, with a play area on your left, until you reach a gap in a hedge which leads onto Craythorne recreational ground. Follow the edge of the recreation ground (footpath 18) ignoring any paths to your left until you reach a short narrow passage at the end of which is a new kissing gate. Go through this into a field.
  3. Continue down the left hand side of the field, observing the building site on your left. After approximately 200 yards (180 m) there is a narrow passage on the left hand side. Take this passage and exit onto Walford Road.
  4. Your return journey is now on pavements. Cross the road and go left and  follow the pavement to the right. Continue to the bottom of the hill. Here turn left into Station Road. Follow this road for three quarters of a mile (1 km) until you reach Burnside with the Spread Eagle Public house in front of you. Cross the road here and return to the Church.