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The River Dove

This walk is around 4.5 miles (7 km) long.  Around half is on tarmac quiet lanes; don’t let that put you off. The return alongside the River Dove is on a path which is not marked on The Ordnance Survey Map, but have no fear it is safe and well used

Begin your walk at the Lychgate at the entrance to Rolleston Church.

  1. Cross the road and turn right on the pavement. Follow the pavement as it bends left into Brookside. Walk along the left hand side of Brooksideuntil you see a fingerpost on your left marked “Public footpath Marston Lane” (footpath 7). Go left here. Follow the track to reach a gate. Pass through it and enter a field with farm buildings on the right hand side. The path swings slightly to the left leading to a second gate. Go through this and follow the footpath in the same direction towards a gate on the far side. Go through the gate and exit onto Marston Lane.
  2. Go right and walk down this quiet lane for around 1 mile (1.6 km). After crossing over the River Dove notice a stile on your left with a “Burton Mutual Private Fishing” sign. This is your route back. You cross the Derby to Crew railway line and then some derelict farm buildings. Immediately after these you will see, on your right a sign saying “Dove Bank Farm”.  On the opposite side of the road is a stile. Go over the stile and cross the field in the direction of the yellow arrow. This will take you to the far right hand corner of the field next to Marston and Hilton Churchyard, where you will find a stile. The field dips sharply in the middle. This are can be wet and boggy, if it is go right of a clump if trees and then re-join the path after the dip.
  3. Go over the stile and join a very quiet tarmac country lane. Turn left. You will see Nestle Coffee Factory in the distance at the end of this lane. Follow the lane going through a gate alongside a cattle grid. As you near the Nestle Factory you can see the ruins of Tutbury castle just to the left of the Factory.  At the end of the lane go through a gate to the left of a cattle grid.  Walk about 10 paces and turn left through a kissing gate. Walk through a rather scrubby area, with some Information Boards on “The Salt Brook Heritage Trail”. Go through a second kissing gate onto this Trail. This area has some interesting sculptures and a seat to give your legs a rest. At this point you have walked around 2.5 miles (4 km).
  4. After your rest continue through the trail to exit at the far end. Turn right to go under the railway line, go up a short footpath and into a field. On reaching the field continue in the same direction along the right hand edge of the field. Soon you will see the River Dove in front of you. On reaching the river, turn left and follow this well used path, with the river always on your right, back to The Dove Bridge on Marston Lane. After about a quarter of a mile (0.4 km) you go through a metal gate and over a single plank bridge. On approaching a wooded area the path swings to the left. Follow it and enter the trees. There are a number of paths here. You can follow any of them, continuing in the same direction. The easiest is to stay nearest to the River bank. You reach the stile on Marston Lane in a little under a mile (1.6 km). Go right here.
  5. Cross the River Dove and follow Marston Lane towards Rolleston for about half a mile (0.8 km). Just after the “Rolleston on Dove” village sign on your left to you see the stile that you used earlier to enter Marston Lane, marked with two signposts. Go over the stile, follow the path towards Brookside for about 23 yards  (20 m) then bear right and follow a path across the field (footpath 6) towards a stile in the far hedge. Go over the stile and enter a track of white stone between houses. Follow the track until it exits onto Marston Lane. Turn left and follow the lane to a T junction. Turn left here into Church Road and in a few metres you are back at the Church.