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Footpaths and Bridleways

This walk is approximately 2.5 miles (4 km).  It goes through farmland (footpath 9), follows a pavement on the busy A511 and returns down a very pleasant bridleway (footpath 8).

Begin your walk at the Lychgate at the entrance to Rolleston Church.

  1. Walk up the steps or use the slope towards the main door of the Church, here turn right and head through the graveyard towards the Old School rooms. On reaching this building turn left and walk alongside the building to exit the churchyard through a metal gate on your right.
  2. You are now on the Croft which is the Village Green. Walk diagonally right across the Croft. You cross a track which leads to nearby houses. Continue in a straight line towards a bridge which crosses the Alderbrook which flows through the village.
  3. Cross the bridge (you might be lucky and see a kingfisher here). Turn right onto the Burnside pavement. Walk along the pavement and cross the entrance to “The Lawns”. On your right is Brook Hollows, on the left across the road is Starbuck’s and the Co-op. Take the second entrance on your right, alongside a yellow grit container. Follow the path to the left, soon alongside a wooden fence.  At a T junction go left and then left again at a fork in the path. You soon exit alongside a broken style into a field. (footpath 9).
  4. This is the first of four fields through which you will walk to reach Tutbury Road. The path is clear and goes through the centre of the first field. You reach a stile, go over it and cross slightly right towards the corner of the second field. Here the gate is missing and the stile is broken. Walk through the wide gap into the third field. Look slightly left and you can see the stile in the hedgerow. Follow the clear path to the stile. Go over it and enter the final field. Go straight across this field to reach the stile which leads onto Tutbury Road.
  5. On Tutbury Road turn right along the wide footpath. This can be a busy road but the footpath is good so nothing to worry about. You pass Tebbett’s butchers, then a smallholding with pig pens on your right before climbing slightly uphill passing a number of very nice properties well set back from the road. You reach Fiddlers Lane. (footpath 8).
  6. Turn right into Fiddlers Lane. This is a bridleway. Proceed down the Lane first passing some properties and then fields with horses and donkeys in them.  The Lane narrows but is easy to follow. Towards its end the Lane widens and the entrance to Rolleston allotments (private allotment holders only) can be seen on the right. This is followed by the car park to the cemetery and a wooded area which back in the 1960s housed an outdoor swimming pool (now dilapidated).
  7. Exit Fiddlers Lane onto Church Road, Rolleston. Cross the road onto the pavement, turn right, and then follow this pavement, passing Shotwood Close, and then Marston lane, to return to the Lychgate.