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Recreation and Railways

This walk is approximately 3 miles (5 km).  It passes through two Recreation grounds and joins the Jinny Trail, a disused railway line. Whatever you do spend, some time at the Old Railway Station, which has enjoyed tender loving care by many local volunteers over the years. On your return down Station Road, there are numerous well maintained front gardens to enjoy.

Begin your walk at the Lychgate at the entrance to Rolleston Church.

  1. Walk up the steps or use the slope towards the main door of the Church, here turn right and head through the graveyard towards the Old School rooms. On reaching this building turn left and walk alongside the building to exit the churchyard through a metal gate on your right.
  2. You are now on the Croft which is the Village Green. Walk diagonally right across the Croft. You cross a track which leads to nearby houses. Continue in a straight line towards a bridge which crosses the Alderbrook which flows through the village.
  3. Cross the bridge (you might be lucky and see a kingfisher here). Exit onto Burnside. Cross the road and turn right to walk along the pavement. At the junction with Elizabeth Avenue turn left.  Follow the pavement as it bends to the left to reach the Elizabeth Avenue Recreation Ground.  Go through the gate into the Recreation Ground and turn right down a tarmac path. Follow this path until it exits onto Beacon Road. Turn left here and walk approximately 186 yards (170 m) until you see a footpath on your right alongside a white house. It is clearly marked “Footpath to Craythorne Road (footpath 14). Take this path.
  4. The path is initially shaded but soon opens up into a field. You follow the edge of the field with a hedge on your left. You soon reach a gate. Go through and where the path splits take the right hand path. The path passes through a wooded area and exits next to the carpark at Craythorne Recreation Ground.  Walk through the Recreation Ground alongside the car park until you reach a stile at the far end. Go over the stile and a planked bridge to reach a track. Turn right and almost immediately come out onto Craythorne Road where you turn left.
  5. Walk down this quiet lane (but be careful of the traffic) for around 380 yards (350 m). You soon arrive at Craythorne Farm. There is a small shopping centre here and sometimes it is possible to get a drink and a cake (for all of those who like all things woolly there is a great wool shop). Turn left here following a finger post (footpath 15). Proceed straight down the wide track which gets increasingly attractive as you progress. You exit the track through a gate which is normally open. A kissing gate is alongside if closed. Continue in the same direction through a working field. You now enter a second  field. Turn immediately left and following the field edge bear right, keeping the hedge on your left. You soon reach what looks like a crossroads of paths, go right here and cross the field to a gap in the trees.
  6. Go through the gap and down two flights of steps. On reaching the bottom you are on the Jinny Trail, an old railway line. Turn left here and follow the track through the Rolleston Railway Station, where you might want to stop and look at the exceptional work that has been done by a group of volunteers. Once you have done this continue down the track and out onto Station Road.  Turn left here and follow the footpath for about 1 mile (1.6 km)  back to the Church