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Tutbury Village

This walk is approximately 5 miles (8 km) long, going into the parishes of both Anslow and Tutbury.

Begin your walk at the Lychgate at the entrance to Rolleston Church.

  1. Walk up the steps or use the slope towards the main door of the Church, here turn right and head through the graveyard towards the Old School rooms. On reaching this building turn left and walk alongside the building to exit the churchyard through a metal gate on your right.
  2. You are now on the Croft which is the Village Green. Walk diagonally right across the Croft. You cross a track which leads to nearby houses. Continue in a straight line towards a bridge which crosses the Alderbrook which flows through the village.
  3. Cross the bridge (you might be lucky and see a kingfisher here). Turn right onto the Burnside pavement. Walk along the pavement until you reach   the entrance to “The Lawns”. Turn right here.  Brook Hollows is now on your left and you might want to stop and look at the lake and the waterfall. Continue straight along The Lawns, then into Hall road. Follow the pavement until you reach a “T” junction with a bus stop sign across the road. Cross the road to the pavement and turn left.  Follow the pavement again until you reach a sign saying “Public Bridleway Tutbury Road” (footpath 8). Turn left here and follow this bridleway. At first it passes a graveyard and allotments on your left but soon crosses farmland and then through a few houses to reach Tutbury Road. Turn left here and follow the pavement for approximately 440 yards (400 m).
  4. You pass a red post box on your left and just before the signs for Tebbett’s the butchers, carefully cross the road to go down a concrete track marked “Rolleston Park Farm”. This sign says “private drive” but don’t worry there is a footpath signpost pointing you down the drive. You follow this drive to Rolleston Park Farm. There is a wooded area on your left then an isolated house. You go through a green metal gate and over a cattle grid, or the kissing gate alongside if closed, following the drive as it wends its way to the farm. On reaching the farm pass through it making your way to the right hand side far exit. Here you will see a concrete drive which passes over a cattle grid, and straight on into fields.
  5. Where the concrete drive veers to the left go straight on, initially on a stony track. You will see two footpath signs on your left. Where the stony track veers to the right towards the solar panel farm field you carry straight on, on a grassy path heading towards a gate in a hedge. Go through the gate which is marked with a “countryside care” arrow pointing in the right direction. The footpath continues in the same direction climbing the hillside. At the end of the field turn right. You are now walking towards a wooded area. At first the hedge is on your left but soon it changes to your right. The solar panel farm is behind the hedge.  Follow the path until you reach the trees.
  6. At the end of the field follow the path through a wooded area. The footpath exits onto a grey gravel track. Follow this track until you reach a tarmac lane. Here you turn right and follow this quiet lane into the village of Tutbury. You pass a 30 mph sign and soon the road widens out with pavements on both sides. Take the left hand pavement and follow this, soon crossing Ironwalls Lane. You soon reach a T junction at Burton Road. Cross the road carefully and go down a gravel track marked “The Balk”. Follow this track which soon divides. The left is private property “Robin Hill” with a gate; you go right and follow a footpath downhill with the Tutbury bypass traffic rushing past on your right.
  7. The footpath ends at Cornmill Lane. Cross the road, turn right, and follow the pavement under the Tutbury bypass until it runs out. Cross the road carefully and, facing oncoming traffic, proceed down this road. You pass a former mill on your left and as the road goes uphill you will see a stile with a finger post footpath sign on your left (footpath 4).   Go over the stile and take the right hand footpath. With a wire fence on your left, climb the hill to a stile in the corner of the field. Go over the stile and continue uphill along the right hand side of the field with the hedge on your right.
  8. At the top of the hill you reach a stile. Go over and continue in the same direction, now with the hedge on your left. At the bottom of the hill go over a stile onto a wide track (footpath 3). Follow this track for about 275 yards (250 m) until it bends to the right. Here you will see a stile in the hedge on your left (footpath 2).  Go over the stile to enter a field and continue in a straight line with the field’s edge on your left. Exit the field at the far end over a stile onto a tarmac path through Rolleston Caravan Park. Leave the Caravan Park and join Marston Lane. Cross the road and go right. Follow Marston Lane as it swings to the right and reach a T junction with Church Road. Turn left here and in a few yards you are back at the Church.